Carrie Todd 

M.F.T.  R.D.T.  C.C.F.C.

About Carrie

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Carrie began working with mothers after realizing the profound impact motherhood had on her own sense of self.  The physical and emotional demands of motherhood are huge but well-documented.  Less talked about is how motherhood changes a woman’s internal landscape and self-identity.  How she defines herself and how she is defined by the world are forever impacted by the birth of a child.

Carrie earned her masters’ degree in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She worked for many years in residential treatment settings; first in a psychiatric hospital for adults, adolescents and children in acute distress, then at a drug and alcohol treatment facility for court-ordered adolescents.  She has worked in private practice for over ten years.

Carrie enjoys working with moms and providing “care for the care-giver.” She teaches moms skills to manage stress, anger and emotional overwhelm.  She also helps mothers quiet that internal voice that labels them a “failure” and “not good enough.” Carrie’s clinical experience with adults and children in crisis equips her with both compassion and competence when dealing with emotional pain and distress.  Her experience as a mom and step-mom gives her first-hand knowledge of the mundane, extraordinary and sometimes crazy challenges of motherhood.


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